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Sun Diamond Learning Center

Learn about Diamonds

The 4 C's

The 4 key characteristics for evaluating and grading Diamonds are called the 4 C's. These characteristics are identified as Cut, Color, Clarity, and Carat. Learn about each of these characteristics in detail to pick the best diamond for your engagement ring.

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Diamond Origins

With diamond mines producing natural Diamonds throughout the world and the ability to create a diamond in a laboratory, it is important to learn about how and where the diamond originated from. Learn the differences and similarities between Natural vs Lab Grown or Cultured Diamonds.

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Beyond the 4 C's

The less known characteristics of diamond grading. These characteristics are identified as Fluorescence, Polish, Symmetry, Culet, and Girdle. Learn about these less known diamond grading characteristics and become a pro at picking the best diamond for your needs.

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Diamond Grading Labs

Diamond grading is important to estimate the value of a diamond when making a purchase. Various labs across the globe issue grading certificates for each individual diamond based on its key characteristics. Learn more about the well known Diamond Grading Labs.

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Diamond Shape

Each diamond shape has its own unique personality. Learn about the top 10 popular Diamonds shapes to choose from.

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Diamond Size Chart

The size of a Diamond is measured in millimeters. View the millimeter size for each diamond shape and their approximate carat weight.

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Lab Grown Diamonds

Are they real diamonds? What are the pros and cons of a lab-grown diamond? These are all questions which we will answer in our in-depth guide to lab-grown diamonds.

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Learn about Engagement Ring Choices

Engagement Ring Styles

There are various ring styles available to choose from. Learn about the popular ring styles to complement the main stone of your engagement ring.

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Metal Types

Precious metals are used to craft an engagement ring into the desired shape. Learn about the top precious metal types, metal purity, and metal color choices.

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Main Stone Choices

Main stone also commonly referred to as the center stone. Choose between a Diamond, Gemstone, Moissanite & more. Learn about the variety of main stone choices available to you.

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Wedding Bands

Wedding Band also knows as Wedding Ring. Wedding bands are commonly exchanged during a wedding ceremony. Learn about the various choices of wedding bands for Men and Women.

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Buying Guide

Engagement Ring Buying Guide

How to build your customized engagement ring with Sun Diamond.

  1. Set a Budget
  2. Choose a Diamond
  3. Compare Natural vs Lab Grown
  4. Select Setting Style
  5. Customize Setting Style
  6. Finalize Purchase
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Jewelry Care Tips

Understanding how to care for and protect your valued Jewelry can make a world of difference in maintaining its beauty and its sparkle for generations to come. Follow these simple tips to take care of your precious purchase.

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